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Dorian Hill iphoneographer iphoneography

I have been taking photographs since I was a child, but have always felt limited and constrained by having to lug a camera and lenses with me - the iPhone changed all of that. The device wasn’t revolutionary for the quality of the camera, in fact, it was quite limited. But having a camera with me all of the time renewed my life-long love for photography, opening me up to more of the beauty around me and allowing me to capture it immediately.

   In addition to the convenience, the simplicity and purity of taking pictures with my iPhone is one of the most appealing aspects. Without a bag of lenses and filters, speed and aperture settings, I am left with capturing an image just as I see it in that moment. In cutting down the ‘distance’ between my eye and the object it becomes a much more immediate and intimate experience.


   The other aspect of the immediacy is the ability to instantly share what I’ve shot with the world via photo share sites and social networking. Letting others see through my eyes on a daily basis, and giving and receiving feedback on my photos and those of others around the world, is both invigorating and inspiring. It has helped me to grow as an artist immensely.



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