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Fine Art Prints

aluminum float


Archival Quality Aluminum Float

printed in hi-def gloss or sheer translucent


Available up to 40"x40" 
Ready to hang, the float mount block floats the piece 1/2 inch from the wall


Technical Facts:

While photo papers have fantastic image stability, Xenon Light Stability Testing results show that the image stability of MetalPrints is 2 to 4 times the image stability of traditional silver based photo papers.


Images printed with the MetalPrints process will last for generations when displayed indoors and out of direct sunlight. Like any fine art print, MetalPrints should not be exposed to direct sunlight or high outdoor temperatures.


MetalPrints have an additional benefit over gicleé or photographic processes in that they are waterproof and have an ultra-hard scratch resistant coating. The archival value of a print should be judged not only by its resistance to degradation by U.V. light and ozone exposure, but also to moisture and surface damage. When these factors are brought into the equation, MetalPrints are an excellent way to preserve an image.


modern room with orchid print by fine art photographer Dorian Hill
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